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In this two-month condensed issue of The Bridge, we’ve got you covered with reading material for your procrastination sessions! From Head Shave to Country Crusades, read about the ESS events you’ve missed. There’s also some eye-opening stories from students who went to the Conference on Diversity in Engineering, a fun game of Two Truths and a Lie and of course the regular comic feature of Desktop Ink. Have fun reading the last issue of the semester!

About The Bridge

The Bridge is the ESS’s monthly magazine that connects engineering students with related stories about engineering culture, faculty events and welcome distractions from the busy workload.

The Team

AVP Publications: Solbee Seo/Marianne Rosal

Jr Editors:

  • Aishwarya Venkitachalam
  • Abby Paul
  • Krizelle Mendoza
  • Derek Schultz
  • Megan Rowbottom


October 2017: The engineering life chose you. Now you deal with it. Find your peace of mind in the midst of midterms and assignments while reading The Bridge October issue! – Halloween Treats for Engineering Students – Announcement from Engineering Employment Center (EEC) – Interview with a Professor: Dr. Andrew Martin – Interview with Space Exploration Alberta Robotics (SPEAR) – First Year Retreat – Updates from Engineering Students’ Society – Crosswords, Sudoku, Comics, and Memes As usual, be on top of everything by tracking October events (which involve free cookie and lots of PD) and employer info sessions dates at the back of The Bridge!

September 2017: Stay informed. Be the keener. –    Survival guides for first and upper years –    How get hired: Tips from real pros from Engineering Employment Center –    Interview with Researcher of June 2017 at University of Alberta – Exclusive interview on 2017 RoboSub Competition with U of A Autonomous Robotics Vehicle Project –    Updates from Engineering Students’ Society –    Crosswords, Sudoku, and Comics Also, be on top of everything by tracking September events and employer info sessions dates at the back of The Bridge!

October 2016: Missed the alumni panel? Check out our recap with quotes and advice from UAlberta Engineering Alumni. While you’re at it, read about an engineering student’s inspiring journey in Humans of Engineering, the WESST AGMR experience, and the types of people you see in an engineering Facebook group.

September 2016: Check out what the ESS execs love & hate about engineering, meet two passionate second years in our Humans of Engineering feature and find out where the best places to study are! All of this plus more, in our first issue of the new school year!

July 2016: This summer edition of The Bridge features “Things To Do in Edmonton”, a look at the first half of 2016, some stats on the recent engineering minors survey, and, of course, engineering bingo.

April 2016: You are in a finals state of mind and you need a break! So read the last issue of The Bridge! We’ve got an article on why the best engineers study in Rutherford, studying tips and typical memes, some Netflix recommendations and of course, a Distraction Corner with Engineering Bingo.

February-March 2016: Better late than never! Read about which disciplines are cool, Nerdy Valentines lines, Mining Games, a message from ESS President-Elect and do some Squiggly Sudoku.

January 2016: It’s job hunting season and we’ve got you covered with an article on job hunting tips, a job hunt themed word search and Engineering Bingo: Job Hunting Edition in this month’s issue of The Bridge! You can also read up on who your ESS exec this winter, and try solving X-Sudoku.

November – December 2015: The last issue of the semester features Geer Store FAQ, submissions to How Your Discipline Deals With Stress, a Campus Cup: Engineering Style experience and so much more! Give it a read

October 2015: Read about your ESS Exec, adventures at the WESST Conference and Halloween costume ideas! Do the Halloween word search and Midterms Bingo! This October issue of The Bridge will prove a worthwhile distraction from all that midterms stress.

September 2015: Kick off the year with the first issue! Engineering Carnival, the floors of ICE, circle Sudoku and so much more.

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