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Who are we?!

The Engineering Students’ Society of the University of Alberta is a non-profit organization founded in 1919. Consisting of over 60 titled positions, the ESS advocates for the 4200 engineering students’ interests at the faculty and university levels, offers academic and professional development opportunities, and builds community among engineering students.

Our mission is to promote professional awareness among engineering students by encouraging a sense of unity and integrity through the combined efforts of all engineers working together in both social and technical activities.

Josh Goselwitz, ESS President

Employers are definitely looking for students who have been part of a society. It shows that the student is also able to work in non-technical environments and that they have the necessary interpersonal skills required for properly working in a team environment.Different experiences will stand out to different employers. Having joined an engineering society might indicate a strong interest or passion for that field.

Rose Ghamari and Carolyn Wright, U of T

We Offer:

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