2018 Executive Candidates

Cover letters for all MecE Club Executive candidates will be posted below. Nominations are open until March 12th for presidential candidates, and until March 19th for vice presidential candidates. Click here for the presidential nomination package, or here for the VP nomination package. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) at styr@ualberta.ca.


VP Finance

VP Internal

VP External

VP Academic

VP Technical

VP Social

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MecE Merch Order Fall 2017

This semester’s Mechanical Engineering merchandise sale is here!! Please read and follow the instructions below. Both steps must be completed by 1:00 PM on Friday October 27, 2017.
  1. First, request items by filling out the order form at the link below. Please keep track of the total cost of your order.
  2. After you have completed the order form, come to the Mechanical Engineering Club office (Moose Lodge / MecE 1-3B) to pay. Payment is cash only, and full payment is due by October 27. Click here for current MecE Club office hours. You are also welcome outside of those hours if the door is open.
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Summer Newsletter

SolidWorks User Group Network (SWUGN)

There is an initiative to start a SWUGN at the U of A. These are community organised groups that are supported and sponsored by SolidWorks, but are not run by Solidworks. Details on these user groups can be found at http://www.swugn.org/. Please complete this form to help us determine if there is enough interest to form a SWUGN. Potential benefits include:
  • continuing education in design and use of SolidWorks
  • networking to other students and student groups
  • development of resources and knowledge
  • networking and interaction with industry
  • mentoring from industry experts

YPAC Pipeline Conference & Tradeshow

The Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC) Pipeline Conference & Tradeshow occurs on August 24 & 25, and there is a discounted student rate of $35 for tickets purchased by August 11. This event may be of particular interest to students who have completed our IPEIA Codes Course, or who plan to do so next year. Click here for more information, or go to http://buildingtrust.ypacanada.com to register.


Grad Committee – Class of 2018

Are you planning on graduating next year? Do you want a say in organizing events relating to our graduation? Sign up for the grad committee using this form.
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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 2017/2018 MecE Club Exec:

President: Eric Hamel
VP Finance: Ty Thomsen
VP Social: Betty Tesfay
VP Social: James Dowell
VP External: Matthew Jamieson
VP Internal: Jakub Piwowarczyk
VP Academic: Mahmoud Kenawi
VP Technical: Spencer Elliott

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MecE Club Exec Candidates


Congratulations to President-Elect Eric Hamel! Make MecE great again.



VP Elections will open up Tuesday March 21st in the afternoon and will close Wednesday March 22nd at 10:00am.

VP Finance

Ty Thomsen VP Fincance 

VP Social

James Dowell Nomination Letter

Betty Tesfay Vote Betty for VP

VP External

Matthew Jamieson VPX_mjamieson

VP Internal

Jakub Piwowarczyk VP Internal Application 

VP Technical

Spencer Elliott VP Technical

VP Academic 

Mahmoud Kenawi

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Sat. Jan 28: IPEIA Pipeline Codes Course

The Mec E Club is offering a one-day course on Jan 28 featuring the IPEIA (International Pressure Equipment Integrity Association), where you can learn about the use and application of pressure equipment and pipeline codes in the oil and gas industry. The course would cost your future employer upwards of $1000 but register online before 6:00pm on Thu. Jan 26 and the cost will only be $30 (breakfast, coffee, and lunch included). The course is open to all students, and participants will receive a certificate. Go to ipeia.eventbrite.ca for more information and to register (spots are limited!).

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Brooks Atley (atley@ualberta.ca) or Spencer Elliott (sje@ualberta.ca) of the Mec E Club.

Find the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1173295119391905

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Election Results

Congratulations to the 2016/2017 Executive!

President – Brooks Atley
VP Finance – Justin Lutz
VP Internal – Trevor Bayne
VP Social – Matthew Jamieson/Eric Hamel

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Election Candidates!


The Nominations are in!

View the executive candidates here!

Elections run March 16 and 17, 2016. Make sure to vote!

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Election Nominations Now Open!


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 5.14.26 PM

Nominations for Mechanical Engineering Club Executive Positions for the 2016/2017 term are now open. Nominations must be submitted by Wednesday March 9, 2016 at 5pm to the CRO Will Serink. Submissions will be accepted in the Mechanical Engineering Club, or by email to wserink@ualberta.ca.

The nomination cover page can be found here. This is required to be submitted along with a letter of motivation.

A description of each of the positions roles can be found here.

Note: A student in good standing is defined as a Mechanical Engineering Student who has attended at least one meeting this term.

Elections will be held March 16th and 17th

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Grad Approaches Quick


And so it quickly comes to an end of the Engineering Degree! Check out our Grad Page for more information!

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