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Upcoming Mentorship Events

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Mentorship Program: Speed Dating Event

The Mentorship program kick starts with an event that gathers the prospective mentors and mentees out for a mixer night. The matching of mentor to mentee will be done in a “speed dating” style. Mentees will be asking questions and getting to know a variety of available mentors and connect with them socially. The matching process will be a ranking system which enhances the mentorship program – where students can actually find someone that is similar to them in thinking and overall life experiences. This event will be the backbone of the Mentorship Program. Event begins on 9/19/2016 at 5:00pm.

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Mentorship Engineering Alumni Panel

The mentorship portfolio will be hosting events that encompasses more than just personal development, but will be focussing on professional development as well. We will be showing students a variety of paths that those who have graduated took in their golden years. The Alumni Panel will be holding around 5-6 panelists with a variety of different backgrounds and discplines. Event begins on 9/22/2016 at 5:00pm.

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Mentorship Program: Mentor-Mentee Jam

This event will be introducing the newly matched mentors and mentees based on preference and academic as well as personal background. There will be food and drinks to welcome and celebrate the beginning of a mentorship journey with the students. Event begins on 9/26/2016.

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Mentorship Dean’s Vacation Panel

Feeling stuck? GPA isn’t at its best? Not knowing what to do next? Well, the mentorship portfolio’s got you covered. Many people, especially those new to engineering are scared of “failing”, now what if we tell you that there are those who are like you and are succeeding in their own way? Come out and listen to a panel of those who were not at their best some time in their life and maybe learn a little along the way ;). Event begins on 10/27/2016.