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Health and Wellness

The Mental Health and Wellness Portfolio wants to provide more services that allow engineering students to create a more balanced and well rounded experience through the ESS. Events and services are provided to encourage students to take care of their mental and physical health whilst completing their academic terms. To relieve stress and promote relaxation is the goal this year and future years for the Services team. Students will be able to learn how to deal with stress through events that are not limited to Sports Nights, Paint Nights and Wellness Panels exclusively for Engineering students.


Intramurals are now faculty-wide under the ESS. Teams are now open to and not restricted to disciplines. So join a team and create some stronger bonds! Check your engglink email for more information.

Sports Equipment Sign Out

Do you love to play frisbee with friends? How about soccer, football or volleyball? Want to play, but hate carrying basketballs in your backpack? Look no further than your very own GEER Store! Starting immediately in the summer, we will be carrying a delightful selection of sports equipment available to sign out. Simply exchange your OneCard or Photo ID for one piece of equipment, and it will be returned to you when the equipment is brought back.
We currently carry:
Frisbee (2)
Football (2)
Soccer Ball (1)
Volleyball (1)
For any questions or more info, stop by the GEER Store or contact the AVP Health & Wellness at