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*These calculations are approximate and for information purposes only. Actual funding amounts may differ and will be determined by the Undergraduate Funding Committee. Please do not rely solely on this information or result when making financial decisions; please speak with the VP Finance for more details.


Canadian SmallSat Symposium 2016

On February 2-3, 2016, a number of University of Alberta (U of A) engineering undergraduates from the student group AlbertaSat were given the opportunity to visit Toronto, Ontario for the first ever Canadian SmallSat Symposium (CSSS). The CSSS was established to promote interaction and collaboration between space companies with invested [...]


The Engineering Students’ Activities Fund (ESAF) is purposed to help engineering students attend seminars, conferences or sessions related to their engineering education.
ESAF proposals must be made by a full-time undergraduate engineering student. Each student may only access the fund once per academic year. If a submission is rejected, a second proposal (for the same or a different activity), may be put forward.

  •  No more than 2 students may be fully funded for an individual event, unless strong evidence is given as to why further students should attend. If more than two (2) students apply, successful applications will be decided in the following manner:
    • on a first-come-first-serve basis of qualified applications
    • by splitting the maximum funds of two (2) students between multiple applicants. The manner in which the funds are split is at the discretion of the committee.
  • More than 2 students may attend in the case of team competitions.
  • Engineering student group students must apply on an individual basis. Engineering student groups applying for ESAF risk being ineligible for ESGF funding as stated in policy C.2.4.1.b.
  1. Download and complete the digital ESAF Application. Any application package deemed incomplete will be automatically rejected.
  2. Submit the application package by 11:59PM MST of the fifteenth of each month when the Undergraduate Funding Committee meets in accordance with policy C.2.2.6.a
  3. Optionally, attend the relevant Undergraduate Funding Committee meeting to present and speak to the ESAF application.
The following expenses are approved for reimbursement up to $500 for events within Canada, and up to $800 for event outside of Canada:

  • 100% of delegate fees
    • If accommodation is included in the delegate fee, it will still be covered 100%
  • Travel expenses up to 50%
  • Accommodation up to 50%
The UFC shall review the proposals as follows:

  • The proposals will be evaluated according to (but not necessarily in the order of):
    • Student impact
    • Financial needs
    • Willingness to share the knowledge learned during the activity with students
    • Other criteria at the discretion of the BOD
Written proposals must be submitted by 11:59PM MST of the fifteenth of each month in which the committee meets. The proposal must be submitted before the activity takes place. Activities which take place between the submission date and prior to the decision of the committee are valid for consideration.
Awarded ESAF monies will not be distributed until after the activity has taken place. The following criteria must be met within 28 days of completion of the activity, inclusive of activities which occur over the summer:

  • Completion of the ESAF post-conference form
  • A blog post for the ESAF Blog
    • Can include text, images, video links, or other media at the discretion of the AVP Publications.
  • Completion of the other ways in which the recipient plans to share their ESAF experience as outlined in their proposal.
    • If these actions fall outside the above stated 28 days, reasonable action to complete them (scheduling, greater activity detail) should be provided in lieu.
  • Monies will only be reimbursed to the applicant whose name appears on the application form

Full ESAF policies are included in the application package below.

Application Deadlines

September 15, 2016

October 15, 2016

November 15, 2016

January 15, 2017

February 15, 2017

March 15, 2017

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