CME Undergraduate Scholarships

Dear CME undergraduate students.

I am writing to inform you about two scholarship opportunities.


I have provided information regarding both these programs below and encourage you to apply.


NSERC offers Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) annually, and we have been informed that 4 additional allocations have been made for the University of Alberta. To be eligible students must be enrolled full time in Fall 2015term. Application instructions are available here:

I encourage you to consider applying for this program as it is a prestigious award and provides an opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research.

Application Process 

  •  All applications must be completed electronically using NSERC’s online application system the link for which is available through the web-address provided above.
  •  In addition to the electronic application, the CME screening process will occur through submission of a paper application (noted below). Nominations will be based on your academic performance and relevant experiences.
  • The online application is completed in two parts.
    • Students complete Part 1. This is includes uploading official transcripts to the online application. Students will then forward their application reference number to their proposed work term supervisor who will need to complete Part 2 of the student’s application.
    • Once supervisors have completed Part 2, they must ‘verify’ the application and ‘submit to LO’ in order for the SAO to access the application through NSERC’s online system
    • Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the applications include the following information:
      • Supervisor Grant Application Number
      • Supervisor NSERC Personal Identification Number (PIN)
      • Research subject code
  • It is the faculty and supervisor’s responsibility to confirm that the student is eligible for the award (details on eligibility can be found online at


  • The application package to the CME department will consist of a paper copy of the following documents:
    • Form 202 Part I
    • Form 202 Part II
    • 1 official transcript in sealed envelope must also be included.
  • The paper copy is to be submitted to my office (ICE 12-232).
  1. MITACS: 

MITACS is a federally funded organization that manages and funds research internships, exchanges etc. They have many opportunities for senior undergraduates to pursue research overseas and you can find more information here:

Some of their programs are accepting applications in the next weeks.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you all the best.


Arvind Rajendran

Clothing Orders

Help support the Materials engineering discipline by ordering a jacket or snapback! The jackets this year come in five different colours with a matE logo embroidered on the left chest. The snapbacks come in nine different colours and will have a different logo than the jackets. Please refer to the attached info package for proofs and size charts.

Jackets will be $65 with optional name printing on the sleeve for an extra $7, and snapbacks will be $18 each. Your order AND payment must be received by OCTOBER 30TH and the merchandise will be in before the start of exams.

To order, please complete the order form ( and bring the money (cash only) to the matE club room*. You will then receive a receipt that you must keep in order to pick up your order when they are ready. The form must be filled out BEFORE you pay or we will not have any record of your order.

If you have any questions, email

*For those who don’t know where the matE club room is, it is one level below the main floor of the CME building. Turn right when you come out of the elevators.

MESS Contests

There are currently 3 contests:


  1. AIST going green for 2016: The goal of this contest is to challenge students to research the steel industry and produce a three-minute original video that educates viewers on how the steel industry has changed over the last 70 years in terms of environmental consciousness and responsibility. the deadline for submission of an entry form is october 31st and the deadline for submission of a video is december 31st.


  1. The TC Graham Prize: The goal of this contest to encourage and recognize innovative applications for steel that may lead to the development of new markets. The winning entry will receive a US$20,000 cash prize. The deadline for submission is Jan 31st.


  1. The third contest is the TMS Bladesmithing contest. We already have a group formed and would welcome new members. email

TMS Contact 2016

 Interested in attending TMS 2016?

TMS 2016 is annual conference that brings together materials engineers from all over the world for several days of seminars, lectures, and booths. This year it is Nashville, Tennessee from February 14th-18th.

 Email for more information.

NACE Information : Facebook & Corrosion Conference

October 13, 2015

NACE Facebook group

NACE has just released their new Facebook page for students. This page will be a tool to discuss, ask questions and exchange ideas. I encourage everyone to join it and speak to students around the world about corrosion.


NACE CORROSION conference in Vancouver

This year NACE will be holding their international conference in Vancouver on March 6th – 10th. I am setting up a group of students to go to the conference with help in funding from the Edmonton NACE section and would like to see how many students are interested in attending. Please email if you are interested in attending or if you have any questions.

Week of Welcome Volunteers

The Students’ Union is now recruiting Week of Welcome Facilitators for the upcoming WOW 2015! The WOW Facilitators are senior volunteers who are instrumental in making WOW as great as it is, and work over the summer months in preparation for this. This position is one of the most rewarding volunteer positions available on campus. The facilitator team is responsible for planning and implementing Quad Activities, Pancake Breakfast, Promotions and coordinating general volunteers for WOW 2015.
If interested contact: