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Peer Assisted Study Sessions


PASS is a new initiative that gives a new take on learning at the Faculty of Engineering. By providing a service that allows students to learn from their peers, there will be more opportunity for deeper understanding and create a better educational experience. The Program this semester will be supporting students in ENPH 131 and MATH 101 only. Professors teaching the courses will be assisting our senior students to ensure accurate material is being taught.

Time: Wednesdays, 5-7pm
Location: ETLC (TBD)

Instructor Bios

Keith Ferrer

Hi! I’m Keith, I am currently in second year engineering physics. I chose this discipline because I believe that it is important to learn the fundamental concepts of physics, and to apply it to engineering problems for the advancement of our technology. I enjoy building robots and other electronic stuff, I also like studying physics and mathematics as well as teaching them to anyone who’s willing to learn.

Mackenzie Liang

Hello my name is Mackenzie, currently I’m in my 3rd year, major in Mechanical Engineering. I’m going to be a tutor of MATH 100 in this program. I love calculus, and I’m here wishing you will enjoy your first year math! Beside academics, I love to read romantic novels, dance and watch horror movies. If you have questions about first calculus, or other concerns about school, or recommendations of any horror movies, or even you are just curious about mechanical, you are more than welcome to come and talk with me!

Ojaswi Dhoubhadel (aka Oj)

I’m a fourth year of Mechanical Engineering Co-op student and I’m excited to be helping out for ENGG 130 through PASS. The quote that best describes me during eng life would be: “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy coffee and that’s pretty close”. First year is exciting as well as challenging and I hope I can help out through this program.

Semion Belau

Hi, I’m Semion (you can call me Sam, or Sem). I just started my Master’s degree in electrical engineering with a specialization in electromagnetism, and I also did my undergrad here. My whole degree was heavily based on math and physics so I’m confident in my skills.

I think math and physics are hard, but at the same time they don’t have to be. They’re fantastic tools that allows us to describe and visualize natural phenomena and I want to help new students see that, too.

Callie Lissinna

Hello everyone, I’m Callie Lissinna and I’ll be teaching ENGG 130 (and maybe some math) with PASS. I had two primary motives in signing up to be a PASS instructor: 1) love, and 2) fear.
I’m mainly here to share my love for ENGG 130 and MATH 102 with those who could probably use it the most. But also, I had a blast hosting weekly presentations for young kids in the Faculty of Science’s camps this summer. As the camps came to a close I feared I’d go through teaching withdrawal – so maybe I was driven to sign up as a PASS instructor out of fear. Either way I’m plenty motivated to be here.
PASS aside, I’m a second year Mec E captive, part-time ballet teacher, and unpaid AlbertaSat laborer. No, I unfortunately won’t be teaching any ballet in my sessions but if there’s enough demand amongst first year engineers maybe PASS will consider it for the winter semester.
Good luck, and please come to my review sessions so I can spread my love for ENGG 130. Also if I don’t have a class the teaching withdrawal will be real. So please come. See you then!

Raymond Guan

I am a third year MEC E Bio student, and I am very excited to meet all of you! Some of my school involvements include AERO Heavy Lift and undergraduate research. My extracurricular interests are hockey and cooking.


Jace is in his final year of the BSc in Civil Engineering Co-op program and is specializing in Structural Design, Soil Engineering, and Transportation Engineering. Jace has a strong interest in the ability of Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems to transport citizens in a timely, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner. He wants to be involved in public transportation that makes the community more accessible, provides an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional modes of transportation, and helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road to reduce traffic congestion.

Jace has completed all five work terms of his co-op program, including placements at: Al-Terra Engineering as a Junior Site Engineer; the City of Edmonton in the Signals and Street Lighting section; and the City of Edmonton in the LRT Delivery branch.

For his academic performance and employment experience in his third and fourth years, Jace was awarded several scholarships including the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Foundation Scholarship.

When he’s not in lecture, Jace can usually be found working on assignments in DICE, exercising in the Hanson FLC, or playing music with his band. Jaceis passionate about learning and mentorship and he’s excited to be an instructor for PASS!