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History and Traditions

On December 3, 1919 a meeting was called and a committee was established to look into the creation of an organization to represent all engineering students on campus
The Applied Science Society changes its name to Engineering Students’ Society on March 14, 1923
The First Annual Engineering’s Ball was held in Athabasca Gym
The Engineers’ Banquet, well known for being quite rowdy, is banned for the duration of World War II
At the Sixth Annual Engineering’s Ball held on January 30, 1945 at The Barn. Virginia Thompson was chosen as the first ever “Queen of the Ball”
Engineering students steal, then return, the cornerstone to the Rutherford Library
ESS becomes a registered society on November 23, 1980
The ESS wins the SU award for Student Group of the Year
ESS lost Corporate Status
ESS regains Corporate Status October 1, 2012
The SU hands over an under-utilized info link space to the ESS – the Geer Store officially open
After 2 years of planning and advocacy, the ESS persuades the faculty to incorporate minors into the engineering program


Meetings originally took on much more formal matters, with speakers coming to present topics such as “Some Opinions on Engineering Education”, “Manufacture of Cement”, and more. The 3rd Annual Engineers’ Banquet was held at the Hotel MacDonald, with representatives from the University and the Province showing up. A notable cheer:

T squares! Transits! Levels! Chains!
Engines! Coal Mines! Railways! Cranes!
Switchboards! Dynamos! Building! Piers!

Presentations were a hot thing in those days, with topics such as “Relations of Hydrometric Data to Engineering Problems” to “How to Become and Engineer”. The 4th Annual Engineers’ Banquet was held once again at the MacDonald Hotel, and the engineers did well in the varsity teams. Fifth Year Rep Ted Rowan was named the Rhodes Scholar for 1925. A notable cheer:

Whether it be T-squares, transits, or chains,
Bridges, coal mines, dynamos, or drains,
Whether in this land or in that land,
Alberta’s Engineers will make their stand.

The Engineers’ Banquet was held on November 10th, 1925 in the MacDonald Hotel. The ESS adopted a policy of encouragement to student papers, offering $10 to the best paper read before the Society. The Faculty did well in athletics, especially in inter-faculty hockey.

The Engineers’ Banquet was held on November 5th, 1926. From the Evergreen and Gold:

Besides the usual round of toasts, songs and skits, this banquet saw the debut of the Applied Science Orchestra. This is symbolic of the fact that the Engineers can appreciate some things besides technicalities. The MacDonald provided their regular excellent meal and everybody went home feeling that it was “the best yet”.

The prize for best paper increase to $25, leading this author to believe that it was either due to a overwhelming success or a horrible failure the previous year. We hope its the former. In terms of competing, we also began competing in Inter-Varsity debate, with one team bringing home the ‘honors’. In athletics, the Science men topped rugby and placed high in hockey.

The ESS proclaimed to have one of its most successful years in its history. Meetings (which as we know, were pretty different than what they are now) went very well. The Banquet was held again in the MacDonald, where attendance and fun records were reported shattered. We placed respectively in athletics.

The annual Banquet was held at the MacDonald Hotel on November 9, 1927. 130 people attended – a new record. Working together with Aggies, we placed very well at an intercollegiate track meet in Winnipeg, and placed second in rugby.

The boys did well early on this year, bringing home the honours in Interfaculty Rugby, and did well in soccer. The Banquet

“was held in the Mac as it was never held before. And how!”

The ESS also took care of the Undergrad (a dance?).

In this year, the Society held eight meetings. Time-table clashes and conflicts with classes drove the engineers from their ‘old stronghold’ of Arts 111. A smoker was held early in the term among the members. ‘The annual Banquet at the Macdonald was a bigger success than usual, the Third Year taking the honors with their skit, “The Reserach Council of 1980.”‘ The Engineers placed well in track, were beaten in rugby playoffs, and made contributions to the varsity senior teams. It should be noted that the ESS’s first President Professor W. Webb acted as Honorary President this year.

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F of X equals?
Sine! Sine! Cosine! Sine!
3.14159[repeat 3x, getting progressively louder] STOP!
INTEGRATE! [make integral sign]

Yeah toast!

OI! OI! OI![repeat last 2 lines] OZZIE!
OI![repeat last 2 lines] OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE!

For the more lewd cheers, check out the student handbook.