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Discipline Clubs

Each Engineering discipline, including First Year, has a discipline club, as outlined below. In general, discipline clubs provide a social environment with great opportunities to meet and collaborate with other students in your program; events and services for students, often including lab supplies, snacks, or course notes; and the opportunity to get involved with Geer Week, a week-long period of engineering shenanigans and friendly competition. No commitment is necessary to get value out of your discipline club.

The Chemical Engineering Students’ Society (ChESS) exists to provide academic support and fun opportunities to students in the Chemical Engineering discipline, as well as other students in the Engineering faculty. ChESS organizes fun and informative events such as intramural teams, social nights throughout the year, and our annual CSChE speaker night. This year, we are hoping to continue successful experiences such as our Ski Trip, as well as offering several new events! We will also be offering opportunities to students interested in travelling to Quebec City for this year’s CSChE conference. In addition to social events, ChESS also offers services such as textbook exchange, and our infamous exam bank. Stay tuned to your inbox for exciting event notifications and clothing orders, which will be done earlier in the fall term this year! Or, if email isn’t your thing, like us on Facebook at “University of Alberta Chemical Engineering Student Society (ChESS)” Office hours will also be available for the club in CME 264, as we always have a microwave on hand or some extra snacks if you are hungry. We look forward to meeting the new ChemE students this year, so come by our office and unwind when you get a chance!

Mailing Address:

Chemical Engineering Students’ Society

Department of Chemical Engineering

536 Chemical and Materials Building

University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 2G6




The Civil and Environmental Engineering Students’ Society welcomes everyone! The club is a great way to meet other students, get involved in events, interact with professionals, and have some fun! You’ll find that we have tons of food, engineering paper, course notes, and textbooks. Official Civil and Environmental Engineering clothing is also designed and sold at our club office. Right beside the club office is the Civil Club Lounge (yes we’re that cool that we have two rooms), which is a great place to relax and chill out with friends. We have couches, a stereo, microwaves, ping-pong and foosball tables! In addition, we are part of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineers (CSCE), which can be a great opportunity to meet fellow engineers and create professional contacts. We also hold a number of events during the year, such as: Popsicle Bridge Competition, Ping-Pong Tournament, Rope Bridge Competition, Hard Hat Ceremony, Spring Roll sales, bake sales, and much more! The club also organizes various intramural sports teams for all the sports that you can think of! Stop by our office and take advantage of all our services! And while you’re at it, get involved with our great events – we are always looking for help in running the club!



PHONE: (780) 492-1394


The first door on your right down clubs hallway is where you’ll find the most welcoming people in ETLC. CompE Club hosts various academic and social events for the students throughout theyear. Our main goal is to connect students with companies in the industry and to help them achieve skills that are potentially valuable to their future careers. Our office also offers a variety of goods and services.

Some of our services include:

– Lounge Area

– Food and Beverage

– Microwave

– Engg Paper

– Class Help

Events throughout the year:

– Meet a Computer Engineer

– ECE Week

– Geer Week (Defending Champions!)

– HackEd: annual 24-hour Hackathon

– Information Sessions and Coding Competitions

– Many more!

Our doors are always open! Come visit us to make some new friends and get to know some of the nerdiest and geekiest people you’ll see on campus. Be involved with the CompE club! We have 2 General Meetings per year and we will also have open meetings throughout the year.You can also signup for our weekly newsletter or attend one of our events.





The Electrical Engineering Club is the departmental club that represents Electrical Engineering students at U of A. On behalf of the students, we interact with faculty representatives to ensure that the student voice is taken into account on academic matters. When necessary, we also converse with representatives from various engineering companies and organizations. Aside from that, we provide services various services that benefit Electrical Engineering students. At the beginning of each semester we sell lab kits for the ECE courses that require them. We also sell numerous food and drink items if you need a snack, as well as merchandise to show off your Electrical Engineering pride. Various social events are planned throughout the year such as movie nights, games nights, barbeques and pancake breakfasts, which allow students a chance to take a break from studies and relax with other students. We also plan industry networking events, so that students can have a chance to interact with real engineers who can answer questions and give advice. Our club room is open to anyone, so stop on by and say hello! The room is located down the clubs hallway in ETLC, right by the Tim Hortons. The room number is E2-040B, which is the last one on the right.



The Engineering Physics Club has been long spoken of in legend as an organization unbound by the laws of space and time, where humanity’s greatest minds congregate to discuss the fate of the universe. Oh and sometimes we like to play mario kart too. When the club isn’t busy saving earth or messing with the laws of physics, we tend to find ourselves holding great social events for everyone in the Engineering Physics, and advocating on behalf of the discipline. Engineering Physics offers a broad and rigorous engineering and science education, enabling career paths in development, research, and application of diverse technologies for the 21st century. The program is offered underneath the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, in conjunction with the Department of Physics. Students cover essential core material from both Electrical Engineering and Physics curricula, with an enhanced mathematics component. Engineering Physics is for those who desire a deeper understanding of the fundamentals, while also both the ability and skills necessary to apply that knowledge through traditional engineering design and problem solving. The program is fully accredited by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers. Come by the clubroom and we’d love to tell you more! Don’t hesitate to stop by if you want to talk physics, or even just hang out. We usually have a copious supply of ice cream sandwiches, beverages, and other snacks to buy. There’s a lot more for Eng Phys members as well, from sports teams to various other events throughout the year.




The First Year Engineering Club is a resource for first year engineering students as they try to adapt to a new and exciting part of their lives! It’s the club’s job to bring together the first years and be the link between them and the faculty. The club is composed of members elected by the rest of the first years during ENGG 101, and since it’s mandatory, they have the highest voter turnout of all the engineering clubs! There are a lot of executive positions to fill, so it’s definitely worth contacting the club early in the semester if you’re interested! Catering to the largest group of engineers there is, the club also hosts events that help promote a strong sense of community and provide academic guidance. For example the student-professor mixer traditionally held every year gives students a chance to learn more about each discipline in a one-on-one friendly environment (and usually with free pizza!). The club also promotes the rest of the Engineering Students Society to the first years, keeping them informed about events that are carried out through the year and also working to make them accessible and popular to everyone. The club’s final responsibility is to make sure that first year engineers are well represented with the rest of the faculty, as even though there’s a lot of them, the big wigs can forget what’s important to the firsties, so this club helps bridge that gap whenever stronger communication is necessary. The First Year Engineering Club is a fantastic way for first years to interact, and they can always use a bit of help, so if you’d like to volunteer or just have a chat, feel free to contact us by e-mail at or come on down to visit the first year club room down clubs hallway (behind the ETLC Tim’s)! Rub a dub dub!



MESS aims to provide students with a well rounded university experience by integrating academia, industry, student life and professional development. By encouraging the involvement of its members, MESS hopes to enrich the university experience with social activities,events, networking sessions, and tours. MESS acts as a liaison between it’s members, the faculty, professional groups, and other disciplinary clubs. Professional groups include ASM, NACE, TMS, AIST, ACerS, and AWS. With many social events throughout the year, MESS offers many opportunities to socialize and network. MESS also has a lounge that offers many amenities.

Lounge amenities:


Foosball Table

Projector with N64 and XBox


Tables for studying

Microwave, refrigerator, kettle, and toaster oven

Lab coat and safety glasses rental


Second Year Night

Intramural Sports Teams

Students Vs. Prof. Basketball Games

Clothing Orders

Graduation Banquet

EVRAZ Steel Mill Tour

Conferences (T MS and MS& T)




Welcome to the Mechanical Engineering Club! We’re a discipline group run by dedicated senior executives and passionate volunteers out of MECE 1-3B (The Moose Lodge). We provide numerous services for students, such as, selling course notes, engineering paper, food, drink, clothing and lockers. The Moose Lodge is also a great place to meet new people, receive academic advice and generally collaborate with your fellow students.

The Moose Lodge is loaded with:

2 Microwaves

2 Refrigerators

Keurig Coffee Maker

2 Printers (mildly functional)

4 Computers (two functional)

Tornado Foosball Table


Dart Board

A Sink!

And lots more …

The Mechanical Engineering Club is proud to organize and participate in several events throughout the year. Our annual events include the Student/Professor Mixer, Reading Week Ski Trip, Welcome Back Bash, Steve Drake Day and many others. We also organize numerous intramural sports teams; stop by to see what’s going on!




Welcome to the Mining Engineering Club! The next few years will be the best of your University of Alberta academic career. Since the Mining Engineering faculty is relatively small and specialized, we offer a tightly knit community that is very friendly and supportive. You will have the opportunity to develop close friendships with your immediate classmates, while having an experienced 5 th year class ready and willing to support you socially and academically through the many challenges ahead. The Mining Club participates in a number of industry sponsored events each year, such as the Canadian Mining Games, that promote professional development and academic excellence. The Mining Club also hosts various social events to continue our strong community tradition. For anyone hoping to play school sports you should know that the Mining club has a large presence in the campus intramural sports scene.

Here is a list of events and activities that the Mining Club organizes for its

members each year:

 Fall and Spring BBQ’s

 Monthly Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) professional development dinners

 Mining Industry Night

 Canadian Mining Games

 World Mining Competition

 Geer Week

 Mining clothing order

 Intramural sports (Basketball, Hockey, Red Eye)

 Locker Rentals

 Club room Fooseball tournaments

 Graduation Banquet