Three Weeks Down!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a chance to relax after GEER Week 16-17. We're already three weeks into Winter 2017! Things are looking calmer, but there's still a lot going on! Below is your Sunday EnggLink. UAlbertaESS    @UAlbertaESS     UAlberta.ESS     bucklingESS    Subscribe   Professional Development Engineering Employment Centre Workshops | Register here Interview Skills: Mon. Jan 30 @ 12:00 p.m. | Thu. Feb 2 @ 11 Leveraging LinkedIn: Mon. Feb 6 @ 12 p.m. | Tue. Feb [...]

Professional Development Edition

What a week! Congrats to the MinE's for coming in first! And to the runners-up, MatE and Civ/EnvE. And of course, to the thousands of fellow engineers who participated in over 18 events in 8 days, and who helped us raise over $4000 for the Stollery Children's Hospital! But let's be honest here. Not only do we engineers party hard - we work hard too. As the dust settles and the hangovers clear, we've pulled [...]

GEER Week!

GEER WEEK 75 IS HERE. Find information about GEER Week and how to get "GEERED Up!", as well as other events and involvement opportunities below! For those of you who aren't familiar: The Engineering Students’ Society of the U of A, during the second week of January, holds it’s legendary GEER Week, or Engineering Week. A week of friendly competition and spirit/team building pits each discipline against each other. Many alumni fondly remember their participation in [...]

Happy New Year!

Happy 2017 Engineers! 🎉 Hope you had an awesome winter break. Here is your first EnggLink of Winter semester, featuring Career Fair, GEER Week, Winter Intramurals sign-up, new vacant positions within the ESS, and more!

First Year PASS Sessions!

Hi first years! PASS sessions are ongoing and will take place in the ATCO Room on Wednesdays from 5-7 p.m. Get extra practice problems and help with homework for both EN PHYS 131 and MATH 101. Meet new people, and gain a deeper understanding of the course content. Hope to see you there!

ESS Mentorship Program

Always wanted to inspire others and help them succeed? The mentorship program gives students an opportunity to connect with others to exchange knowledge, wisdom, and support. It promotes self-development for younger students, and service and leadership for senior students. Mentors sign up: Mentees sign up:

Academic GO, Spring Roll Sale, and more!

UAlbertaESS    @UAlbertaESS     UAlberta.ESS     bucklingESS    Subscribe   First off, big shout-out to you all for raising $11,367 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation in this year's Headshave!! If you missed out this year, you can still donate, and then start growing your hair out for next year. 😂 I'll spare you a countdown of the exactly 10 days left in the semester. Instead, we'll jump right into this week's EnggLink! 😉

Last Fall EnggLink!

UAlbertaESS    @UAlbertaESS     UAlberta.ESS     bucklingESS    Subscribe Hello fellow engineers! You're so close to being done with yet another semester. Hang in there! Here's your last fall EnggLink, featuring an amazing new Diversity and Inclusion initiative by the ESS, the November-December issue of The Bridge, and more!

Two weeks left!

UAlbertaESS    @UAlbertaESS     UAlberta.ESS     bucklingESS    Subscribe It's Sunday already! Which means another EnggLink has found its way into your inbox 📧 There are a lot of events and opportunities going on this week, so sit down, relax, and read away!

Country Crusade, Head Shave, Samosa Sales, and more!

UAlbertaESS    @UAlbertaESS     UAlberta.ESS     bucklingESS    Subscribe   Raise your hand if you're bummed about school starting again tomorrow 🙋 On the bright side, it's EnggLink time!