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Academic Resources

  • The Math and Applied Sciences Centre (MASC) provides academic services to students. Carmen and Markus have helped countless engineers with their studies for over 13 years, and they’re excellent instructors. Seminars held weekly to review course content in an informal, small group setting. Includes midterm and final exam reviews. Midterm reviews are 3-hour intensive topic-by-topic reviews of typical exam questions. Final exam reviews are similar to midterm reviews, but are four hours in length.
  • The Academic Support Centre’s primary goal is to enhance students’ learning and writing skills, assisting them to achieve their full potential in their pursuit of academic excellence. To accomplish this, they offer classes and seminars throughout the term, online workshops for students to complete on their own schedule, and one-on-one sessions for students with specific concerns.
  • The Students’ Union Exam Registry and the Chemical Engineering Exam Registry provide exams from previous years, free of charge!>
  • Wondering if your upcoming professor is good or not? Want to help future students figure out the same? Check out the Universal Students’ Ratings of Instruction (USRI) or to get an idea.
  • Are you taking your National Professional Practice Exam soon or in the process of writing your Work Experience Record? Click here for free NPPE & Work Experience Record Help!
  • Considering writing the Fundamentals of Engineering exam? The UofA has a shining record of passing for this. Here‘s a free reference handbook.