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Upcoming Academic Events

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Academic Survival: First Years Edition

Do you want to know how a 4.0 GPA student study? Are you amazed by the people who are involved in school a lot but still get a 3.5 GPA or above? This event, designed exclusively for the first year engineering students, is a panel discussion with the upper year engineering students. Feel free to stay after the event for a chance to chat and ask more questions from fellow engineering students. The speakers will be talking about actions that they took that made their first year more or less enjoyable. They will also give tips on studying and time management. This event is to give first year engineering students opportunities to learn from their upper year students experiences and hopefully be more successful! Event begins on 09/15/16 at 5pm.

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Académic GO

Are you a fan of Pokémon GO? Feel tired staying in the Engg buildings most of the time? Want to test your scholastic ability? This event is for you, nerds and casual gamers alike! Much like a treasure hunt/Pokémon GO, you have to run around to win. Prizes available for the winners. But the question remains, can you answer it all? Event begins on TBD.

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Academic Survival: International Students Edition

Ever wonder how international students strive in their study here? Interested to get more involved and maintaining your GPA at the same time? Want to know some tip and tricks to get a job placement in Canada? An event designed for international students, will give you extra boost and tips on how to survive in engineering school in Canada. A panel of professionals and current international students will be here to help you out. Stay after the event to mingle with other students and share your tips with them. All students are welcomed. Event begins in January.