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It’s hard to over emphasize the value of extracurricular activities. More than anything that happens inside the classroom, involvement in social organizations, technical projects, and leadership activities are cited as defining experiences in one’s university career. The University of Alberta offers a wide range of opportunities, for all interests and commitment levels.

The Engineering Students’ Society is run entirely by student volunteers, and recruits year-round, with most positions filled in April for the upcoming year. Senior Executive positions are filled by election while the rest are appointed through interviews. You are encouraged to ask questions and apply for any position that you find interesting. Many students that begin volunteering later in their degrees constantly mention that they wished they had started volunteering earlier. Not only does volunteering give you the opportunity to travel and meet many people, there are many other benefits! These include volunteer appreciation parties, discounts at campus bars, and the chance to develop your leadership and organizational skills to round out your resume. Don’t hesitate to inquire about position openings throughout the year as some positions may not yet be filled. E-mail askess@ess.ualberta.ca with any questions you might have.

“Volunteering for the ESS has allowed me to improve my leadership, communication and technical skills while being surrounded by awesome people doing awesome things. Go ESS!” – Bryn Leonard-Fortune, AVP IT
Bryn Leonard-Fortune, AVP IT

What Else? The ESS has volunteer opportunities in all sectors!

Find what you’re interested in and pursue it in the ESS: we are a large group of students involved in educational, professional, and mental health initiatives and services as well as the planning and execution of large events (career fair, GEER week, pi throw). Join us and discover the benefits of volunteering!

  • Meet new people! Make new friends!
  • Improve your leadership and communication skills
  • Volunteer experience enriches your skills and resume (and life)

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