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Budgets and Financial Statements

The Board of Directors ratifies the ESS budget in September of each year. The Department of Finance has the responsibility to prepare the annual financial statements. The budget and financial statements are submitted to the Audit Committee of the Students’ Union to receive FAMF. After the close of each year, the ESS’s financial statements are audited by an external auditor. As the ESS is a registered non-profit society under the society act of Alberta, the audited statements are submitted to the provincial government. The books and records of the society  may be inspected by any member of the society at the Annual General Meeting or at any time upon giving reasonable notice.

Fiscal Year Budget Financial Statements
2016/2017 n/a n/a
2015/2016 n/a n/a
2014/2015 n/a n/a
 2013/2014  n/a 2013/2014 Financial Statement
 2012/2013  n/a 2012/2013 Financial Statement
 2011/2012 2011/2012 Budget 2011/2012 Financial Statement

Faculty Association Membership Fee, FAMF

Every engineering student contributes $7.00 per term through their tuition to support engineering student activities. As extracurricular actives are essential for a balanced program, this fund ensures that there is a diversity of worthwhile opportunities available.

The FAMF funds are distributed according to a resolution during the ESS Fall Annual General Meeting, open to all engineering students. This allows flexibility in setting priorities each year for how the money should be used to support student involvement. Generally, $1 per student per term is distributed to the discipline clubs, based on their population. An additional dollar each term goes to the Engineering Student Groups Fund, ESGF, which primarily supports student vehicle projects through annual grants. Another $1 is contributed to the Engineering Students’ Activities Fund, a fund to help students participate in conferences and competitions. The remaining $4 per term fund ESS events and services, including Geer Week, our publications, and more.

FAMF Consultations

Where does your $7 go?



In addition to FAMF, the ESS is funded through a variety of means:

Engineering Merchandise

The ESS holds in stock a variety of engineering merchandise items which can be purchased in our office. Most popular are pads of engineering paper, but t-shirts, belt buckles, jackets, stationery, and more have also been offered. Engineering paper is available in limited edition colours at the start of each term.

Engineering Undergraduate Equipment Fund (EUEF)

Created by a referendum in 1995, EUEF has contributed over one million dollars to supporting undergraduate lab equipment. Each undergraduate student contributes a mandatory $25 levy per on-campus term, which is then disbursed by a committee of engineering club members to projects submitted by students and engineering departments. Past projects have included computer upgrades, an engine dynamometer, sensors for blasts, vibrations, and air pressure, oscilloscopes, microscopes, chronographs, and more. For more information on EUEF, contact the VP Internal ( or your club.

Engineering Student Groups Fund (ESGF)

ESGF provides support to non-discipline club Engineering student groups here on campus. Funding for ESGF is provided through the Faculty Association Membership Fee, and granting sessions are held twice a year. For more information on ESGF, contact the Associate VP Operations at