About Us

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The Engineering Students’ Society strives to provide the 4400+ undergraduate engineering students it represents at the University of Alberta with the best university experience possible through the use of resources, events, and initiatives.

Our Mission

To promote professional awareness among engineering students by encouraging a sense of unity and integrity through the combined efforts of all engineers working together in both social and technical activities.

Our 2016-2017 Goals

  • To represent all undergraduate engineering students to the University, the campus community and the public;
  • To unify all student members through various events and services, including our new Engg Jackets, a faculty wide ski trip and a revamped GEER Week 75;
  • To promote engagement among student members through a new website and greater outreach and marketing;
  • To encourage development among members and improve relations with alumni through the Engineering Students’ Society Career Fair, mixers and an alumni focused social event; and,
  • To create a healthy environment necessary for member success through social and charity events, our mentorship program, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and other various health and wellness initiatives.

Get Involved!

Check out our Volunteer Page to find out more information about getting involved with the ESS!